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This is your chance of joining the legacy. Pioneering the next DeFi revolution by maximising capital efficiency.

Welcome to ClayClan

ClayStack Ambassador Program gives you the chance to drive innovation in DeFi. Along with thousands of other passionate DeFi degens, you get to nurture a community beyond boundaries.

  • The individual ideates.
  • The community builds.
  • The world benefits.


Your contributions become your legacy. All while reaping the rewards of associating with a leading DeFi protocol.

  • Company Swag

    Get rewarded with cool company swag and show off the power of ClayClan!

  • Priority Access

    Access product updates, industry-leading research, and much more. Before everyone else.

  • Network

    Build your own network of crypto degens. Exchange ideas, memes, and leave behind a legacy.

  • Lead

    Build and foster the ClayStack community. Educate and empower 
a new era of DeFi users.

Become a Claystack Ambassador

How to Contribute?

At ClayStack, you are only limited by your creativity. Create content. Help build. Or find your own way to contribute.

  • Contribute

    Help our dev team in finding and fixing bugs and even writing crucial lines of code.

  • Grow

    Think of ways to grow the Clayclan & educate the ClayStack community through contests and giveaways.

  • Design

    Have a cool idea for a logo or perhaps an animation for ClayStack? Let your creativity go wild!

  • Explore

    Have an outrageous idea not given here? 
Have the freedom to explore and contribute.