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A look at our journey and the way forward!

June 1 2021
  • Product

The past few months have been overwhelming for the crypto markets and the ClayStack team. Since our introductory post, five months ago, we have been diligently working to build a decentralized cross-chain liquid staking platform that is secure and open for all.

We’ve also made strides in other organizational functions; our team size grew to 10, we’re close to implementing our liquid staking protocol for the first chain, and we have closed our seed funding round.

A look at the horizon

The coming months will be a rollercoaster ride changing with market dynamics till we launch our product. Some of the aspects that we’ll be releasing further information on includes:

  • Community platform
  • Our team
  • Revamped visual identity
  • Fundraising updates
  • Platform features, and
  • Testnet launch

Today, the staking market cap is at ~$480B, with over $140B locked in staking. We aim to bring this capital to DeFi by helping users effortlessly stake their crypto assets while maintaining their liquidity. And, to achieve this monumental task, we need all the help; if you align with our long-term vision, look at our open positions.

We have a lot of fun ideas planned for our small yet loyal community on Telegram and Twitter. If you’ve not joined it, be sure to do so.

Looking forward to a bright future.

About ClayStack:

ClayStack is a decentralized liquid staking protocol that enables you to earn staking rewards while keeping your assets liquid. Without any lockups.

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