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Join The ClayStack Referral Program

Mar 6 2024
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“Let’s build the next evolution of staking together!”

The ClayStack Referral Program aims to attract more users to the protocol. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or business, an influencer or newcomer. We are happy to see everyone here!

What is the ClayStack Referral Program? 

ClayStack will only store your wallet/address, your referral relationship, and your own and your referees’ activities within the protocol, all on-chain. Nothing more, nothing less.

All you need to do is spread the word about ClayStack and attract new users. 

Who are ClayStack Referrers? 

ClayStack referrers help the protocol by attracting new and loyal ETH restakers to the protocol and get rewarded based on the referees staking activities and volume restaked.

  • Individuals who believe in the bright future of Restaking. 
  • Key opinion leaders and thought leaders who keep the masses updated on the latest trends in DeFi.
  • Media outlets that cover web3 news.
  • Web3 organisations and funds.

Benefits for ClayStack Referrers

Rewards are based on what your Referee brings to the protocol and the amount of CLAY points they generate. Refer your friends, and earn 10% of the Base Clay they earn when they stake.

Their contribution and your connection to them are stored in a smart contract and are aggregated with all the other referral relationships and their contributions. CLAY points are granted fairly and transparently, all laid out in the referral dashboard for each user.

After the token launch, CLAY points can be redeemed to CLAY token at an unprecedented 1:1 ratio. 

How to Become a ClayStack Referrer? 

You can be a part of ClayStack, building the next generation of liquid restaking that competes on the decentralization ethos from ground up. 

Becoming a referrer at ClayStack is extremely simple. You’ll need a unique link to invite your friends to the ClayStack app. 

To generate the link please do the following:

Step 1: Access Referral Dashboard

Step 2: Click “Copy Referral Link” to get your unique link.

Step 3: Done! You are now ready to invite users.

This link is tied to your ERC-20 address which you can now use as a Referrer.

How The ClayStack Referral Works?

The ClayStack referral program is a fantastic opportunity for any individual or organization interested in the restaking niche to earn passive income and position themselves for the ClayStack airdrop! 

Receive a 10% share of the CLAY rewards earned by those you refer.

To successfully promote ClayStack, it's important to understand how to use our referral program. Here’s how:

  • Share referral link
  • User stakes ETH
  • User receives CLAY
  • You receive 10% CLAY bonus

About ClayStack

ClayStack is a modular DVT-based liquid restaking protocol that offers a highly secure, decentralized, and scalable liquid staking solution. Users can effortlessly mint csETH by depositing ETH to earn CLAY points and EigenLayer points without any caps. ClayStack is one of the very few LRTs that use native restaking instead of an LST wrapper.

Through leveraging Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) and introducing the Validator Funding Provider (VFP) initiative, ClayStack focuses on eliminating minimum capital requirements for Ethereum validator nodes, ensuring scalability, and prioritizing industry-leading safety.

ClayStack is backed by top investors like Coinbase ventures, Coinfund, Parafi, Animoca brands, Hashed, and more!

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