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Onega Testnet: Here’s everything that happened!

Dec 18 2021
  • Product

We launched the Onega testnet two weeks ago for our community ambassadors. We thank all of them for their active participation.

For those who couldn’t participate in Onega, don’t worry. We have some exciting things in store for you too. Secrets revealed below. 👀

Summarizing ClayStack Onega

It is the first version of our liquid staking protocol — one that we had been working on for months together. The objective was to create a resilient protocol that could be opened up to a closed group of ambassadors. We wanted the initial feedback first. And then use that for further refinement. We were more curious than anxious and more excited than stressed.

Our ambassadors rigorously tested it and hunted for bugs and suggested some areas of improvement. Our Discord and Telegram haven’t stayed silent since Onega was released — we’ve been bombarded with messages about how they are loving the protocol and are consistently sharing their suggestions.

As part of the Onega testnet, we have introduced liquid staking on Polygon. Our core ambassadors (who are testing the protocol first) can stake their MATIC tokens in return for the staking derivative, csMATIC. This testnet is available on Goerli.

In a nutshell, they were able to:

  • Collect tokens from the faucet
  • Stake their tokens
  • Generate and collect rewards from staking
  • Unstake their tokens

The objective was to help them understand how liquid staking works on ClayStack.

Beyond Onega, to Malawi

ClayStack is a defining solution for PoS chains, and our objective is to build a buoyant protocol right from the get-go. After the initial rounds of testing in the Onega testnet, we have made some critical refinements to the protocol.

Now, we are ready to open the Malawi testnet to a wider group of users.

Do you remember that experiment we did on Twitter a few weeks ago? We asked you to drop your ETH and now…

We wanted to give everyone who participated in that experiment a fair chance. And that is why we have created an exciting proposition for you. You don’t get to test the protocol just yet.

Wait, what?

We created a waitlist of all those people who had participated in the experiment — that list has over 25000 people!

Not on the waitlist? Don’t worry. Simply ask around in the community on Discord and Telegram to get an invite. Or, tag a responder on Twitter.

All the people on the list get to participate in the next version of the testnet — Malawi. But for that, they must go through #StraitToMalawi.

What is Strait to Malawi?

Malawi is the second edition of our testnet. And Strait to Malawi is how you access it.

We ask you to participate in an exciting game where you get to play alongside users just like you — who want to test the protocol.

The end result? All those who put in the work win.

More details, plss?

Not yet. We’ll share all the details when the game goes live on the 20th of December. Keep an eye on our Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Until then, sit back and let ClayStack do the magic.


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