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Sonic Manifesto ⚡

Mar 21 2023

Capitalistic pursuits, avarice's thorns, pierce through the visionaries' rose-colored lenses, leaving the blockchain's public good to wither and wilt.

There has always been a strong emphasis on staking and removing the complexities associated with it. Liquid staking has slowly evolved into a dominant winner in the staking space, attributable to its attempts at simplifying the staking experience for users.

But this journey has been punctuated with cheap and rapacious tumults of protocols hungrily marching towards one goal: market dominance. This is especially true for those that have exploited the first-mover advantage.

While several other protocols have come in their shadows…they have only managed to piece away at the market share of the largest PoS network, Ethereum.

The objective has been common across all liquid staking solutions built so far: an insatiable thirst for dominating the market. These maniacal capitalist pursuits offset the underlying network’s efforts to become a public good - restraining its potential impact on the world.

An unflinching authoritarian will feign attempts at indemnifying his indefatigable power by masquerading as a humanitarian and avowing his apparent service to the common good.

The existing protocols that have amassed power and influence by exploiting the first-mover advantage wear this cloak of their “intended” service to the underlying network…when in reality, all they want is an incessant acquisition of power.

These pursuits often come at the cost of the underlying network being open and accessible to entire millennia of users. The existence of such dominant protocols subverts the focus of a whole ecosystem of users, developers, visionaries, and philosophers and tunnels it into thinking for the said protocol rather than for the underlying network and helping it achieve its dream of being a public good.

It is imperative for Ethereum that its security be democratized, not centralized. The existing attempts to do it are unfounded, and those protocols that play-pretend to support it are hollowed out by their inability to offer a unified experience.

For Ethereum to grow, the barriers to entry to the network need to be reduced; a simple-yet-unified experience needs to be offered to users — all while upholding decentralization and network resiliency.

Sonic attempts to revive and re-empower the users to partake in the benefits the underlying blockchain offers without relying on the cheap pursuit of market dominance. It democratizes network security by reducing the barriers to entry - both infrastructural and financial. It harnesses the public good of all PoS networks and offers a much simplified and unified user experience.

Sonic is aligned with the objectives of all PoS networks by offering much-needed capital efficiency and economic freedom to users worldwide.

Sonic takes the PoS ecosystem to where it has always been destined to be.

It is the engine for the entire liquid staking ecosystem. And it is here.


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