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ClayStack Matic V2: Breaking the Barriers 🤩

Dec 8 2022

The new csMATIC v2 makes staking MATIC on Polygon frictionless. The new changes, brings unlimited staking and unstaking in a fully decentralized and secure way. Read on…

Redefining MATIC staking with ClayStack

As staking for Polygon happens on the Ethereum mainnet - yet most users hold their MATIC on Polygon - this leaves many with limited unstaking options. To unstake and get your MATIC back, users can rely on bridging MATIC tokens…or swapping them on a DEX, where sometimes for even low amounts a significant slippage cost is incurred, giving away any gains from staking.

On Polygon, ClayStack first introduced a smart contract to allow the users to both stake and unstake using Flash Exit, bringing the ability the earn rewards without the need to bridge MATIC to Ethereum. That didn’t come without it’s own limitations. Flash Exit meant always only a limited amount is available for unstaking. And the alternative was bridging to Ethereum, which proved to be inconvenient and not cost-effective.

Understanding csMATIC v2

ClayStack MATIC V2 abstracts all that complexity and removes limits on staking and unstaking. Now when you unstake on Polygon, there are no limits. Unstaking is done directly via smart contracts, which have been audited by industry-leading blockchain security firm Quantstamp (who found neither critical, nor high or even medium-severity bugs in the contract). Users can stake and unstake without limits and without relying on trusted parties to bridge their tokens.

Now that you are staking directly on Polygon, you no longer need to worry about losing your staking rewards due to slippage on a DEX or worrying about sufficient liquidity being available. Now, stake your MATIC in less than 3 clicks, and start earning yields!

What are Early Claims?

Early Claims are an added feature in ClayStack that you can use to claim your unstaked MATIC before the unbonding period. Recall how users’ funds are pooled to be staked on Ethereum. Suppose someone comes and deposits their MATIC for staking while the unbonding period for your unstaked MATIC is underway. In that case, you can claim your MATIC earlier than the unbonding period. Let’s understand this feature through an example.

  • Bob deposits 100 MATIC.
  • Alice unstakes 20 csMATIC.
  • The protocol takes 20 MATIC from the pool before its bridged and staked, and gives Alice MATIC back (for the MATIC she unstaked).

What you need to do

Head to Connect the same wallet you used to stake your MATIC with. You will be prompted to swap your existing csMATIC tokens to v2. And voila, you can continue to use the app like before!

Best Place To Stake Matic

Toward an efficient and decentralized staking future

At ClayStack, we have always believed in simplifying the process of staking across various PoS chains to give our users the best experience possible. And to give the greatest possible experience to our users, we also uphold the security of our architecture to the highest standards. As such, the contracts for csMATIC v2 have been audited by Quantstamp. You can view the audit report here.


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