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ClayStack Referral Program is Here!

Apr 21 2022

With the Referral Program, you can now invite your friends over to ClayStack and start accumulating points!

To be eligible, you need to invite your friend to the protocol and have them sign the referral link. Once that is done, they can begin their staking journey by staking their MATIC within the protocol.

When they stake their MATIC, you get 10% of the Mission Hub points that your friend makes while staking within the protocol. Let’s understand this with an example.

Suppose that Alice is already using the ClayStack protocol. When she refers Bob to the protocol, he joins in using the referral link. When he stakes MATIC on Polygon and Ethereum mainnet, he gets Mission Hub points. In return, Alice gets 10% of the points that Bob makes by staking his MATIC tokens.


  • You get points only when your friend stakes their MATIC on mainnet, and not on testnet.
  • Your friend should not have used ClayStack either on testnet or on mainnet before. If they have, you won’t be eligible for the points.
  • The vesting period for points is 1 year. If your friend decides to unstake before the vesting period is over, then you will only get as many points as are proportional to the duration of time that your friend’s tokens were staked.

You get points for staking your MATIC and holding your csMATIC. So when you stake MATIC, remember to keep it staked and your Mission Hub points will keep accumulating!

Refer your friends and start accumulating points today! Head to: