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Unstake in a Flash with Flash Exit⚡

Apr 12 2022

Staking is considered one of the most reliable ways of generating yield in crypto as it is entirely dependent on network inflation and not on prevailing market conditions. However, staking comes with a lot of challenges such as unbonding periods and lack of flexibility and liquidity for stakers. Some protocols have lengthy unbonding periods that can last anywhere from a few days to a couple months.

There are two problems with this:

  • Opportunity Cost: When your assets are in the process of unbonding,t they are not earning any rewards. Neither can you use them to invest in a promising DeFi protocol. And by the time your assets have unbonded, you can potentially lose out on a good opportunity.
  • Time value loss: When the unbonding period is underway, your assets are exposed to the market volatility risk. Imagine losing a certain percentage of your assets’ value in a volatile market. You have no way of hedging against that risk during the period.

Because of these risks staking becomes a slightly risky investment despite being very sustainable. ClayStack solves that by giving you the opportunity to INSTANTLY withdraw your stake using Flash Exit. This helps create staking a more reliable way of generating yield - you get in whenever you want, earn your yield on your assets, and get your staked capital back instantly.

Staking thus becomes your most reliable savings account! The moment you stake with ClayStack protocol, you get compounded yields. And the moment you unstake, you instantly get your capital back into your wallet ready to be utilized at your disposal.

Imagine having

  • the sustainability of staking rewards,
  • the opportunity to compound your yields using csMATIC and
  • the ability to unstake whenever you want without having to wait even for a second to get your assets back…it’s a complete package!

And now you can get your staked tokens back in a flash for as low as 0.5% fee. For the first 1,000 MATIC that you unstake from ClayStack, you will be charged just a 0.5% fee. For every amount that you wish to unstake thereafter, you only pay 1%.

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