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From Onega to Malawi: A Journey to ClayStack’s Testnet

Dec 20 2021
  • Product

Welcome to ClayStack Malawi, the second milestone in the development of ClayStack’s liquid staking protocol.

With Malawi, everyone on the waitlist is eligible to access the testnet. However, there’s a surprise. We have built a native DeFi game that you must play to get access.

Access the game here.

Read on for details.

From Onega to Malawi

ClayStack Onega was the first public release of our protocol. We released it to our community of ambassadors after several architectural integrations. Their initial feedback and our own rigorous testing helped us refine the protocol further.

After thoroughly reviewing and incorporating them, we are now proud to present the next significant milestone in the journey of ClayStack — the Malawi testnet.

Malawi differs in numerous ways from its predecessor:

  • Access to everyone who is on the waitlist (wider community)
  • Access to ClayStack’s native DeFi game
  • Ability to carry out the entire process of liquid staking → from staking tokens to getting derivative tokens to participating in DeFi

The only added layer that users must cross is the #StraitToMalawi*.* It is a native DeFi game built by ClayStack to ensure fair access for everyone on the waitlist.

ClayStack’s DeFi Native Game

A few weeks ago on Twitter, we conducted an experiment and asked people to drop their ETH addresses. All those who responded within a 48-hour period were added to the waitlist — over 25,000 folks!

And those who got in early on the waitlist will have it relatively easier. 😛

Not on the waitlist? Don’t worry, reach out to those on the waitlist on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord and ask them to invite you.


Each player must collect a combination of five tokens. The combined value of this collection should be equal (or higher) to their queue number in the waitlist. These will be ERC-20 tokens and will be accessible using MetaMask.

Each player will have a different combination of tokens to collect. Here are some rules about these tokens.

  • Value of tokens: The in-game dollar value of each token will be subject to arbitrary changes.
  • Rarity of tokens: Some tokens are rarer than others. This rarity will be a dynamic factor and be subject to arbitrary changes.

Let’s break down the basics of the game into three phases.

Step 1: Access the game

Access the game through MetaMask. Once you have connected your wallet, you will be able to see your custom dashboard. You will have to collect the combination of tokens that are listed on the dashboard. Remember that this combination will be different for each user.

Keep collecting these tokens until the combined dollar value of all the tokens is equal to your queue number in the waitlist.

Step 2: Collect tokens

You can collect a package of randomly generated tokens every 2–4 hours. This package will contain different tokens. If it contains the tokens you need, then they will be added to your combination. They will help increase the combined value of your tokens bringing you closer to your target amount.

If not, then you will find them under the “All Tokens” section.

Now, if you don’t get the tokens you need from the package, then simply ask for people on Discord and Telegram to make a fair trade.

Let’s take an example to explain this better.

  • Suppose you have 10 Malawi tokens and 15 Onega tokens. But you only need 10 Onega tokens but 15 Malawi tokens.
  • A fellow user has 15 Malawi tokens but only needs 10 Onega tokens. And they need only 10 Malawi tokens but 15 Onega tokens.
  • In this scenario, you will make a trade (if it’s fair given the dollar price of the tokens) of 5 Malawi vs 5 Onega tokens.

Step 3: Finish the Game

When you have collected all five tokens to match the combined value with your position on the waitlist, you can finish the game. This will lead you to #StraitToMalawi.

Remember that once you finish the game, the combination of your tokens will be burned. You can keep the other tokens to share them amongst the community.

Go Play

Remember — the game is just an added layer for everyone to participate in the Malawi testnet. So remember to have fun while playing it!

Help your fellow players whenever you can.

Make fair trades for tokens amongst yourselves.

Share your invites to the wider community so they can participate too.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us on Telegram and Discord. Keep an eye out on our Twitter for real-time updates.

Good luck!


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