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Launching the first DVT-based Ethereum Liquid Staking

Sept 14 2023

ClayStack is going live with the first DVT-based Ethereum liquid staking from the Token2049, Singapore stage!

We are a liquid staking protocol backed by some of the leading investors in the industry such as Coinfund, ParaFi, Coinbase Ventures, and more. We just released the very first DVT implementation of Ethereum liquid staking on mainnet that aims to fulfil all three core properties required of an Ethereum liquid staking protocol i.e.,

  • decentralization,
  • scalability, and
  • security.

The Ethereum liquid staking landscape has been exponentially expanding in the past few months with it acquiring approximately $12B+ in staking and liquid staking deposits on Ethereum. But, even today, it remains highly centralized with a few players dominating the entire ecosystem.

We at ClayStack have created a novel solution that provides a decentralized and scalable alternative to the existing players in the ecosystem. We achieve that by building an architecture that achieves two critical things:

  • remove the minimum capital requirements to run validator nodes on Ethereum, and
  • make the architecture highly scalable.

Every validator will be run by a cluster of SSV operators which will comprise of both professional and home-running node operators. This will increase the overall fault-tolerance of the network and reduce its susceptibility to systemic failures. For more info on our architecture, head to our docs here.

To facilitate our launch and accelerate the decentralization and user adoption, we are also introducing an Initial Governance Diversification Program that incentivizes early participants in $CLAY and aligns them with the growth of the underlying protocol. We have reserved 5% of the token supply for the Initial Governance Diversification program! 😉

Towards a decentralized Ethereum 💪

With our engineering efforts, we are aiming to remove the bond requirement to run validators on Ethereum, thanks to our novel VFP module. We’re adopting a phased approach, where initially we are going live with a set of permissioned operators while leveraging the groundbreaking SSV technology. We aim to have a huge set of (potentially, even 1000!) operators that help scale and decentralize Ethereum immensely.

We are already live with our Ethereum liquid staking today. Head to and stake your ETH! You can also deposit your stETH and rETH to get started.


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