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ClayStack Game is Almost…😱

Feb 4 2022
  • Product

ClayStack’s Malawi game officially draws to a close today. It has been an exciting couple weeks since it was first launched. Our whitelist has grown from a little less than 22,000 to over 66,000 today! And we have a 32,000-strong community on all our socials.

We cannot be grateful enough to all our community members who have participated. Here’s a little glimpse of our journey.

Laughing away on the 15th of December, some of our core team members gathered on call. We wanted to test and play the game together. We had an absolute blast.

Our Meet chat was blowing up with every member asking for in-game tokens. Exchanges were in the air, and so were incredible laughs and jokes. As we decided to wind up the call, a team member asked — would our users also have a similar level of fun that we just had? The answer was a resounding yes.

Little did we know that we were in for an incredible surprise when we launched it on the 20th of December.

Gaining momentum

The first two days were a bit slow — and we thoroughly expected that. Many users were playing around with the game. Several of them were asking questions on our social channels. And some of them had already started playing.

But within a week, we moved from having less than 1,000 users to over 4,000 of them playing every day. The number literally skyrocketed. And with it, our Discord and Telegram started to blow up too.

Conversations on Discord were quickly brewing. The Telegram group was blowing up with messages. It was an explosion…but one that you always desire to see happening.

It was crazy to see how Baikal had become the darling…or should we say, the elusive muse of most players?

And Turkana wasn’t far behind. Oh, the pain these tokens have caused to some of our players. Some of our core team members were crying with the users when this happened…

We’re guessing you won’t be surprised at all when we’ll tell you that Baikal was one of the most exchanged tokens amongst the users, crossing 47,000 in total, as compared to the other ones.

The next few days were exciting — not just for the users who were playing the game.

More invites, more players

As the word about ClayStack’s game spread, several members wanted to jump in and participate. Now to the tens of thousands of messages inquiring about tokens were added users who were requesting invites. The list was growing quickly as several whitelisted members started sharing their invites.

The invites had suddenly become more valuable than any token. The number of invites being sent out quickly grew from a few thousand to tens of thousands quite rapidly. And we decided to close the waitlist at 66,000.

It was incredible to see the rapid growth of this community. Our Discord saw an increase from a mere 6,000 members to over 11,000 in a little over two weeks. And everyone seemed to be working together.

A member was kind enough to create a Google Doc where others could write what tokens they could exchange. An ambassador had started giveaways for invites to anyone who wanted access.

And the conversations weren’t just limited to tokens or invites.

Several members made new friends.

One of the members discovered that the person they exchanged their tokens with was no other than a college mate!

There were conversations about ClayStack…conversations about crypto…conversations about life…and much more.

Little did we know that a game that was a mere attempt at making our users’ journey through ClayStack immersive would end up bringing an entire community together.

Are we glad that this happened?

  • Users claimed tokens 566K+ times during the game..
  • We had over 1M transactions in total in the game.
  • On average, over 3,500 players were playing every day.
  • And over 70,000 tokens were transferred.

Honestly, we were more than blown away! But it wasn’t about us.

It is about you, the one who has been with us on this journey.

And with that, the game officially ends today. All those users who are still playing the game can keep their csMATIC. Don’t lose them! You will need them soon enough for what’s coming ahead…😉

What’s next?

The year 2022 is a crucial one for us. We will be coming out with more exciting and immersive experiences, whilst ensuring that everyone gets a fair chance to participate at each step. The next version of our testnet will be out soon…😏

Keep an eye out on our Twitter, Telegram, and Discord.


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