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Introducing ClayStack‘s Liquid Restaking

Jan 23 2024
  • Product

A new wave of contenders have emerged amidst the LRT rage sparked by the rise of Eigenlayer Restaking. Seasoned as well as new entrants are engaging in intense competition for top minting volumes and liquidity and get a slice of this potentially trillion-dollar market. However, many of these protocols lack fundamental innovation at the product level. In this context, our community and partners have inquired about ClayStack's distinguishing features and advantages from other LRT protocols.

We are excited to announce that ClayStack is now integrated with Eigenlayer! Now, users can restake their ETH natively with ClayStack and earn CLAY points, EigenLayer points, staking rewards, and restaking rewards.

EigenLayer & Restaking?

EigenLayer is a restaking protocol that has introduced an innovative approach in the Ethereum space. The protocol aims to address the challenges associated with infrastructure-level innovation.

At its core concept the protocol leverages Ethereum's economic trust to build advanced project infrastructure components, redefining PoS network bootstrapping.

EigenLayer (Re)Staking

EigenLayer's innovation lies in extending validator roles, allowing them to participate in new networks and systems. This involves the concept of 'restaking,' enabling the use of Ethereum's staked ETH and validator set for other services and networks. Stakers can earn additional rewards, increasing their involvement in Ethereum and exploring new reward avenues.

Now, let's look at the participants and their roles.

Participants and Roles

  1. Stakers: Commit ETH to support new networks and services, with options for independent operation or delegating to Operators
    1. Native Restaking: Stakers can independently operate as both contributor and Ethereum Validator node
    2. Delegating to Operators (aka Liquid Restaking): Stakers can delegate ETH to Operators for financial support while Operators manage technical requirements
  2. Operators: Participants can manage software on EigenLayer. They play a crucial role in maintaining the network's integrity and incur penalties for any misconduct
  3. Services: Networks and services run by Operators called Actively Validated Services(AVS)
  4. Service Consumers: End-users or applications utilizing services provided by EigenLayer

Liquid Restaking With ClayStack

With a long-term vision in mind, the team at ClayStack has worked hard to build a solid architectural foundation with modularity and DVT at its core. We aimed to achieve three critical things.

  • Remove the minimum capital requirements to run validator nodes on Ethereum, and
  • Make the architecture highly scalable
  • Industry-leading safety and security

Those who have been with us since the inception of ClayStack are well aware of that.

To this effect, we are delighted to introduce our Liquid Restaking Solution. ClayStack is a modular DVT-based liquid restaking protocol that offers a highly secure, decentralized, and scalable liquid staking solution.

What’s even better you ask?

Users can now mint csETH by depositing ETH, accumulating CLAY Points and EigenLayer Restaked Points without limitations—all while earning rewards on their staked assets.

But wait, there's more!

Easily restake your ETH on EigenLayer with ClayStack, no caps ever to stress about!

ClayStack users can leverage native restaking on EigenLayer without deposit caps giving users the freedom to deposit any amount of ETH at ClayStack, which will be restaked to Eigenpods. Furthermore, ClayStack will not just accept ETH deposits; it will also accommodate other Liquid Staking Tokens, setting it ahead in the market (LST deposits will be live soon)

Further Insights

  • Users can easily withdraw their ETH instantly using the flash feature depending on the size of the fund
  • Users can enjoy a transparent way to redeem CLAY points at 1:1 ratio.
  • A revamped points system is live with the mainnet launch, running until the end of Q1. You can access all the accumulated points effortlessly directly within the app.
  • Currently awarded at a rate of 20 CLAY per ETH per week, the rate changes every every week and remains the same for the week. No minimum or maximum points for users, but there's a weekly cap for all users, refreshing at the beginning of each week.

Ready to restake? Follow these steps

Whatever happens next in crypto, restaking is here to stay. Don't miss out on the ClayStack revolution! Restake now and be part of the future.

  1. Visit ClayStack
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Deposit ETH
  4. Watch your rewards grow!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out on our Discord channel. See you on the next one. 👋


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