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ClayStack Victoria Goes Live Today!

Feb 22 2022
  • Product

ClayStack Adventurer,


Your adventures in ClayStack’s journey have brought you thus far. When you look back a year from now, you will be proud to have been a part of something so big.

Pat yourself on the back.


Your support has helped us get this far. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

But the adventure doesn’t end here.

Malawi was a success. A grand success at that. Over 15,000 members completed the game and over 65,000 more members were invited who all played the game to access Malawi!

We see that you all utilized your invites very well — pretty neat!

You all collected over 500,000 MATIC from the faucet, completed over 200,000 transactions, and staked a little less than 1M tokens. Boy, you had our engineering team on their feet throughout! But, we are glad that you battle-tested the product. It just confirms that we are on the right track. 😎

But, now the time has come. Get ready as you take a step further into this journey.

Introducing ClayStack Victoria

Victoria is a significant upgrade to our testnet and has unique features.

  • Multi-chain support: Victoria features support for both Polygon and The Graph. You can now stake both your MATIC and GRT tokens.
  • Mission Hub: A place to get access to perks on a priority basis.
  • Bug fixes and improvements: All bugs that our community helped discover on the Malawi testnet have now been fixed.

The Mission Hub is your place to learn more about ClayStack. Here, you will be taking on exciting missions that will help you understand how the protocol works and how it helps users.

The best part? As you complete your missions, you will build your streak. And as you build your streak, you will get access to several perks including the ability to invite your crypto fam to the testnet.

All our ambassadors will have a chance to share invites to Victoria. If you’re not on the whitelist, you can ask them for an invite on Discord.

Remember to unstake your MATIC from the Malawi Testnet. And on Victoria,

  • Use the Goerli network for MATIC.
  • Use the Rinkeby network for GRT.
  • Use the Goerli network to share the invites.

Consistency is key. When you regularly test the product, you will be able to build your streak.

Dive into the app here.

To learn more about ClayStack, join us on Discord and Telegram, and follow us on Twitter.

See you in Victoria!


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